4 Pawsome New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog!

4 Pawsome New Year’s Resolutions for Your Dog! It’s that time of year again! Time to think about the goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months… But what about your furry family member? When you sit down to think about your goals and New Year’s Resolutions, don’t forget to set some for […]

Everything Your New Puppy Needs | The Complete New Puppy Checklist

Everything Your New Puppy Needs First time pet owners run into lots of “uh oh” moments, where they discover they don’t have the puppy supplies they need the moment they need them, and have to run out in a rush to get something that will do the job. If they don’t run to The Dog […]

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat Summer is here, and while you may be anxious to spend as much time outdoors as possible, it’s important to remember safety. It’s been a while since your body has been exposed to the harsh rays and heat of the sun, so be sure to allow yourself […]

Essential Products for Your Older Dog

Essential products for your older dog Like everybody else, your dog becomes a little less mobile and needs extra help in his or her day to day activities as the years pass. Comfort and accessibility are among the more important things to consider around the house as your dog ages. If you share your home […]

What Is The Best Cat Litter?

What is the best cat litter? If you explore our kitty litter section, you’ll find a huge selection of litter options. Corn Wheat Pine Recycled paper Clay All have varying degrees of clumping, odour protection, dust, natural-ness, and other characteristics. We only carry litter products we think are good for your cat and good for […]