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Dry & Wet Food

Want to be sure you’re feeding your friend the best dog food, but confused by the variety on the market? Does your dog have a sensitive stomach or food allergy?

Visit our store for a wide selection of dry and wet food made from natural ingredients that give your dog everything nature intended and eliminate the filler junk so many bargain brands use to cut costs. We carry:

  • Grain free and gluten free foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • High protein or low protein foods
  • High fibre foods
  • Food suitable for allergy or other limited ingredient diets

The Dog Market Loyalty Program

It can cost between $500 and $700 (or more in some cases) to feed your dog each year. Add that to other costs, like toys, grooming and vet bills, and taking care of your four-legged family member can be hard on the bank account. We try our best to ease that pain by offering a loyalty program to customers. Our loyalty program will earn you a free bag of food after you buy either 10 or 12 bags of food (not all at once of course).

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Stocking the Best Brands Around

We carry the most innovative, health-minded dog food brands available to Canadians. They all use real animal ingredients and incorporate natural proteins and other nutrients with NO filler products. All of our foods contains 0% CORN, SOY, ARTIFICIAL COLOURS, WHEAT OR BY-PRODUCTS; only REAL ingredients from naturally sourced products.

We carry:

OrijenAcanaMerrickFrommNature's VarietyGo!NowWellnessHaloTripett / Petkindnowinstinct

Food For Thought

A dog might enjoy the taste and texture of wet canned food, but it could be difficult for them to get all the nutrition they need to live a full life of stick chasing and squirrel scaring. Most dogs are given a diet almost exclusively containing dry food, with the occasional wet food dish as a treat. Take a look at the ingredient label to see if your dry dog food is of high quality. Look for things like a meat source as the first or first two ingredients, whole grains, carbohydrates (like sweet potato), no artificial colours.

Visit us in the Beach to pick up the best dog food in Toronto to promote health and longevity for your four-legged friend. We would be happy to discuss the best food options for your dog and answer any and all questions you may have.

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