Dry & Wet Food

Feed Your Cat The Best Raw Cat Food in Toronto

Dry & Wet Food
The food your cat eats is a critical factor in their health & longevity, and you might be surprised to learn that not all cat food sold in stores has your furry friend’s best interests in mind.

How to Choose

Beyond the simple decision of wet or dry, there are many different food types available that can help with treatment or prevention of certain illnesses cats might be prone to. The best option is to visit us or give us a call so that a knowledgeable member of our team can learn about your family member and make the right recommendation.

The Most Trusted Brands in Cat Wellness

Whether your cat has a taste for the wet food or dry, we stock a variety of options that will give them the right nutrients for optimal health (and none of the harmful stuff). Stop by our shop to pick up the best raw cat food in Toronto from the leading brands:

AcanaOrijenMerrickFrommNature's VarietynowNowGo!WellnessHalo


Feed Your Pet for Optimal Health

What your cat consumes is important- never just buy what’s on sale or what’s available at the supermarket. Being proactive about feeding your feline the best diet for their needs will lead to a longer, healthier life and very possibly a decrease in veterinary bills! Stop by our location in The Beach to discuss your pet’s needs.

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