Toronto Dog Obedience Training Will Increase Your Pet’s Quality Of Life

Obedience Training

The Dog Market’s Dog obedience training in Toronto is provided by Dorothy, Chief Instructor at Mother Knows Best Obedience School. Through strictly humane methods, Dorothy has been teaching obedience for 25 years.

She focuses on kindness and working with the dog’s natural spirit. Training and obedience are achieved without food or treat coercion, resulting in an increase in bonding and a willingness to please.

Praise and Friendship

We are big on praise, which commences at the very first level of training. Your dog will learn the hand signals and verbal commands in a kind manner. You will learn to speak dog and read your dog in a similarly holistic way.

All training is done to meet the standards of the Canadian Kennel Club regardless of whether your dog is purebred or mixed.

Agility Training!

Agility training is like a visit to a puppy amusement park, providing an outlet for excess energy and a fun way to spend time with your four legged friend. Agility is becoming a very popular dog sport in which the incredible creatures traverse a maze of obstacles and compete for speed and accuracy.

Racing against the clock, dogs jump through hoops and blast through winding tunnels, scale A-frame towers, negotiate a narrow dog walk plank, climb and balance on a see saw, weave through closely placed upright poles like a cat tangling itself in your legs while you walk and soar over a handful of high and low hurdles.

Agility is great fun for dogs in conjunction with more traditional obedience training. Some clients have expressed worry that their dog will love agility training so much that the attitude toward obedience training sours. In truth, the usual reaction is that the dog’s attitude toward obedience work improves as a result of the positive working relationship created through agility training.

Whatever your breed, and whatever your level of experience, obedience and agility training will improve quality of life for both you and your dog. Contact us now or visit the shop to schedule your obedience training sessions today!

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