Can’t Find it Anywhere? We Have All of Your Miscellaneous Dog Gear


While we are known for having a wide selection of all of your favourite and well-known brands, we also have some pretty unique items as well. We love dogs just as much as you do, and that’s exactly why we put so much effort into getting the right thing for you – sometimes even options that you aren’t even aware of yet!

We Have It All!

No matter what your need is, we can help you pinpoint the exact thing that you are looking for. Why waste time and effort when we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the same results? Some of the things we can recommend for you include:

We can also order any specialty or hard to get products you may need.

Kong CloudComfy ConesThunder ShirtsCanine Equipment Backpacks

  • Kong Cloud Collar: An alternative to the surgery cone, these soft collars are an inflatable neck pillow for dogs, allowing them to eat and drink & ensuring wounds are left alone.
  • Comfy Cones: Softer variations of traditional plastic cones that go around your dogs neck to ensure they are allowing wounds to heal.
  • Thunder Shirts: To help ease an anxious dog, these shirts apply a constant pressure that creates a calming effect  for most dogs.
  • Canine Equipment Backpacks: For the dog who loves the outdoors, these packs will help your friend carry everything they need for a day out on the trails. Backpacks are also a great tool for training as it gives the dog a task and a sense of responsibility.
  • Training Clickers and Whistles
  • Greeting Cards & Petsave Stickers

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