Gentle & Effective Grooming Supplies

Grooming Supplies

Some days, trying to keep a curious dog clean can feel like a losing battle. The key to proper grooming is choosing the products and supplies that make this chore more enjoyable for the both of you!

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Grooming

Grooming doesn’t just mean giving your pup a fancy haircut. Having the proper routine helps to make sure that they have a beautiful coat of fur and that their skin is healthy, allowing them better resistance to tick or flea infestations. Regular brushing helps eliminate painful fur matting and keeps stray fur off of your furniture. Even short haired dogs need a good brush at home.

The Best Products for a Dirty Dog

Many of our quality dog grooming products were created by dog-lovers like you, looking for safe, effective, and even comforting solutions to make grooming less of a chore for you both.

JW Pet ProductsKongEarthbath Nok-OutNatural ChemistryFizzion-logoHartzCloudStar Buddy Washvets-bestlittle-stinker-housebreaking-pads-24-x-24-petloo_logoslurp
triple pet

  • JW Pet Products – a wide variety of grooming tools that offer comfort & a non-slip grip for all breeds and lengths of hair
  • Kong – great brushes for short haired dogs
  • Earthbath – shampoo, wipes and foams for all different skin and coat types
  • Nok-Out – spray cleaners to remove strong odours & stains
  • Natural Chemistry – treatments for fleas, skunk spray and downright smelly dogs
  • Fizzion – non-toxic stain remover for use in the case of pet accidents
  • Hartz – flea & tick control collars and household solutions for killing fleas
  • Vet’s Best – natural flea sprays and shampoos
  • CloudStar Buddy Wash – green tea, lavender or rosemary scented shampoos
  • Slurp N’ Fresh – a great supplement to help eliminate bad breath and reduce plaque & tartar
  • Triple Pet – toothbrushes for your dogs unique mouth and teeth
  • Precision Pet – little stinker housebreaking pee pads
  • Pet Loo – a great backyard substitute for pet owners without yards

A Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog

Don’t scour the town looking for the most reliable grooming supplies. Check out our stock and see how much freedom you have in the choices of supplies you can purchase.  Stick to your favourites or try out some new products, the choice is up to you!

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