Dog Collars in Toronto For Your Unique Pooch

Dog collars and leashes are more than just a piece of material that help keep your dog close to you during a walk. There are many different types of collar and leashes, each designed with a purpose in mind. We carry various collars and leashes made from: Traditional Nylon

  • Leather
  • PolyVinyl
  • Soy
  • Ultra-soft tubular webbing

We Carry Amazing Dog Collars & Leashes in Toronto from the Following Brands

  1. The fully adjustable Clip Collar is comfortable, stylish and easy to put on or take off. It is perfect for daily wear and comes in a wide range different patterns and colours.
  2. The adjustable Wide Clip Collar has extra wide webbing that stands out even on bushy haired breeds. It comes also comes in unique patterns and colours.
  3. The partial chain Training Collar is a gentle alternative to traditional choke collars. It reduces tugging with a swift clean correction. It is meant to be used as a training tool on walks only – replacing this kind of collar with a Clip Collar on your unattended dog or dog at play is strongly advised.
  4. The Safety Clip collar adjusts easily for a perfect fit. The special safety construction provides an additional safeguard for extra product durability. While the extra wide 1 ½” webbing makes this collar stand out on thick necked and bushy haired breeds.
  5. Hound Collars are soft and durable on the outside with an extra-wide fleece lining inside that distributes pressure evenly on your dogs neck while ensuring they are safe and super-comfortable. These collars are designed for all hound breeds.
  6. Polyvinyl Collars are 100% waterproof and will never smell. These are great collars if your dog is always in the water.
  7. Leather Collars are made from durable Canadian Leather and are all handcrafted in Montreal.

We have a wide selection of leash lengths options to choose from:

  • We carry leashes with various lengths ranging from 2 feet to 9 feet.
  • We carry leashes in various thickness ranging from 1/2 to 1 inch thick.
  • We also carry great quality leashes for all your running needs.

Come visit us in Toronto and see how we can help bring you and your dog closer together.

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