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Carriers and Strollers

Some dogs love to travel and some don’t, but all can appreciate the comfort and safety of a good carrier. For those who do love to travel, all our carriers are airline approved. Dog carriers can also provide a great solution to protecting a playful pup from their own curiosity when no one is home.  House essentials are the things like gates and door mats that keep your house (mostly) safe from a rambunctious dog and your dog out of places they shouldn’t be in. Keep everybody in the home – human or canine – safe by taking the right precautions.

Protect Your Dog by Dog-Proofing Your Home!

It’s one thing to have a dog in your home, and it’s another to have your home dog-proof. This is especially true if you have just brought a dog home and are starting to house-train them. Our Four Paws Gates can reliably keep your dog out of certain rooms or areas in the house. They are pressure mounted and simple to put up or take down.

We Have Carriers, Gates, Strollers and More!

Is your dog losing mobility in old age or recovering from recent surgery? Our strollers are excellent for helping your pet get out of the house when they might not comfortably or safely do so under their own power. From basic carriers to more feature heavy strollers and everything in between, we have what you need to transport your dog short distances and long, as well as keep your home safe. Some of our options include:

Sleepy PodWagwear CarriersOutward HoundFour Paws GatesDirty Dog Doormatspet gearsherpa

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Your home is your castle, and it should be your pet’s castle too. Give your dog the greatest comfort and safety with quality products! Visit our location in the Beach to browse your options today!

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