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Our Dog Bakery Carries the Best Dog Treats and Cakes

We all like treats, and dogs are no different. In fact, dogs thrive with a regular dose of tasty treats that can be used to reward good behavior and as a special occasion treat. We get our high quality baked goods direct from local human-grade bakeries. We offer the best in dog delicacies and put detail and love in every baked goodie to bring you fun and fancy bakery treats that your dog will devour.

dog bakery featuring dog cakes and treats

We have a wide variety of themed collections of bakery goodies that are popular as a unique snack on special occasions like birthdays and holidays – and to just show our four-legged friends some love! The creativity of our cookies will amaze you. The colourful and amusing decorations of our baked goods make these treats the cream of the crop. Our baked treats are often viewed with laughter and excitement and are as enjoyable to give as it is for a dog to receive.

Positive reinforcement is an important part of successful, long-lasting dog training. These treats are just what you need to build those positive connections!

A natural treat that even you can eat

These yummy gourmet goodies are made without fillers and what’s even more impressive is the ingredients are all appropriate for human consumption (made with dogs tastes in mind of course but feel free to try them) and can all be easily pronounced – an important measure of good quality dog treats.

Call ahead for your bakery order

Want to personalize your baked treats? We take custom orders for 6” and 8” round cakes to mark those special occasions, and any day that calls for some special treatment.

We aim to supply you with the best choices for your pet and you’ll enjoy the chance to browse our fine selection of gourmet baked goods.

Contact us today or stop by our storefront to talk about our amazing selection of dog treats.

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