Fabulous Dog Clothing & Apparel

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Whether you need something to keep your dog warm or just want a little something to help express your dogs personality, you can choose from dozens of options suitable for dogs large and small.

No matter what climate you are preparing for, your stylish dog will be the centre of attention when you step outside.

Give Your Best Friends Confidence a Boost with a New Outfit

We have an extensive collection of apparel, from functional boots, jackets or sweaters to more style-centered shirts and accessories. You’re bound to find the right look and fit for your dog, no matter the breed! Some of our collection includes:
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Start Building a Dog Wardrobe

Discover things that you didn’t even know existed (like dog goggles) and see just how much fun you and your dog can have dressing up for any occasion. From simple to stylish, we make sure to have you and your dog covered. Visit our location in The Beach today!

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