Convenient Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Dehydrated Raw Food

You want to make sure that your best friend is getting the best food for their bodies, so we make it easy by stocking the best raw food in dehydrated form. Give your pup the nourishing meals they need to be healthy and happy with minimum prep and maximum convenience.

With dehydrated raw food, you can simply store them on the shelf and add water as you’re serving. It’s also a great solution for travelling pets. Frozen raw food can be inconvenient when you’re travelling or flying a long distance. Dehydrated raw food takes up less space and requires less effort.

Saving You Money with our Loyalty Program

Taking care of your dog each and every day can add up to be very costly. Things like vet bills, grooming, and toys can take your monthly bill even higher. To help take off a bit of the pressure, our loyalty program rewards you with a free bag after you have purchased a total of 10 or 12 bags depending on the brand.

Keeping the Best Brands in Stock for You

We do our best to stock only the best brands and carry foods that contain absolutely NO fillers. Some of the wonderful brands that we have readily available for you are:

sojos petZiwikPeakPrimalOrijen

Satisfy Your Wallet and Your Dog

Dehydrated raw foods are perfectly formulated to give your dog the energy and nutrients they need by providing a diet similar to what a dog would consume in the wild. Take pride in feeding your friend only the best, and stop by our store for knowledgeable recommendations from our team.

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