Finding the Best Raw Food for Your Cat

Raw Food

Chances are pretty good that your cat loves to eat raw meat. For a feline, there’s very little that can compare to diving into a meal that’s fresh and full of meat.

Commercial Raw Food vs. Home Made

A raw diet done properly is not as simple as picking meat from the grocery store. Store bought raw meat is not a complete meal for your cat. They also need bone and organ in their diets.

Reputable companies that are producing raw foods will ensure the correct proportions of meat vs. organ vs. bone ratios and other components that will most closely resemble how a cat would eat in the wild. They also have sophisticated sterilizing procedures that help to eliminate food borne illness.

How to Evaluate Raw Food

If you want to know what is in the raw food you are considering purchasing, just take a quick glance at the ingredient list. There is nothing in the ingredient list you shouldn’t be able to read and understand. Making sure your raw food is a complete meal with real meat, bone and organ and added veggies to ensure your cat gets all the nutrition they need. Remember – high protein, grain free and a simple ingredient list.

Choose from the Best in Cat Nutrition

There are only a handful of brands that are renowned in the pet food industry for providing the highest quality raw foods. All our foods use a natural food safety protocol called High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP kills bacteria using high-pressure, water-based technology, and is an FDA and USDA recognized anti-pathogen treatment. We stock only the North American brands we know and trust, including:

Cornerstone Raw FoodNature's Variety InstinctPrimal Pet Foods


Could a Raw Diet Benefit Your Cat?

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