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Our shop is full of many items that some cat-people might not even know exist! If you’re after a unique gift or you have an issue and are looking for a remedy, you can rely on The Cat Market to help you find what you didn’t know you were looking for!

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It is our goal to provide cat-lovers with the items they need to make their friends lives better, and that means stocking a wide variety of different & unique items. Some of our most popular miscellaneous items are:

Comfy ConeKong Cloudthunder shirt

  • Kong Cloud Collar: An alternative to the surgery cone, these soft collars are an inflatable neck pillow for cats, allowing them to eat and drink & ensuring wounds are left alone.
  • Comfy Cones: Softer variations of traditional plastic cones that go around your cats neck to ensure they are allowing wounds to heal.
  • Thunder Shirts: To help ease an anxious cats, these shirts apply a constant pressure that creates a calming effect for most cats.
  • Greeting Cards & Petsave Stickers


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Cats have various needs, and it’s our job to address all of them. Don’t search tirelessly for that one item, stop by our shop today & let our team help you!

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