Scoop Away Your Litter & Litter Box Worries 

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Litter and Litter Boxes

While we love cats, we don’t love cleaning up after them. Luckily there are a number of products that make this job a little more tolerable!

Rely on products that ensure that your home smells fresh, your hands stay clean, and products that cut down on the amount of garbage being produced.

A Great Litter System is a Necessity

You’d think that something as easy as a litter box wouldn’t have a variety, but we have some of the most popular brands out there. Our brands are durable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Did You Know?

You should change your litter box every 2-3 years because bacteria forms in the scratches your cat makes in the plastic and can lead to health issues such as urinary tract infections. Come see us for an affordable replacement.


World's Best LitterSimply PineArm & HammerSwheat ScoopIntersand

  • World’s Best Litter – Safe & sustainable corn litter
  • Simply Pine – An alternative to clay litter, pine pellets that are 3 ½ times more absorbent
  • Arm & Hammer – Litter enhanced with baking soda to neutralize odour
  • Swheat Scoop – Clay & chemical free clumping litter with odour absorbing natural wheat enzymes
  • Intersand – Clumping or non-clumping litters in fully biodegradable and Odour Lock options



Litter Boxes

PetmateJohnny CatOmega Paw

  • Petmate – A variety of different styles of boxes, pans and mats to keep your litter in one place
  • Johnny Cat – Litter boxes with disposable trays and liners for easy clean-up
  • Omega Paw – The unique Roll N Clean box with removable tray & scoop free cleaning

Make Litter Cleaning Less of a Chore

The right products can get you to stop putting off your litter box duties! Visit our location today to pick up the necessities for hygienic cat parenthood.

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