Keep Your Cat Safe with ID Tags

ID Tags

ID tags are a must-have for any cat owner. Most cats are curious about the outdoors, and you never know when they might slip outside (with or without you noticing!). Having a reliable ID tag for your cat will help get them back home safe & sound in the event that they go for a wander.

Let Your Friend Show Their Personality with a Fun ID Tag

ID tags can almost be worn like a piece of decorative jewelry. While it’s important that you put a set amount of crucial information on the tag (such as the name, address, and phone number of the owner) you have a lot of freedom regarding what the tag looks like and what material it is made from. Get something basic out of necessity or go with something a little flashier for your fancy cat – the choice is up to you.

We Have the Best Tags Around

Looking for something that matches any unique quirks? Chances are, we’ve got it. Select from dozens of styles from the most renowned brands:

Hot Dogs All DressedRed DingoRockin' Doggie

  • Hot Dogs all Dressed – engraved charm style ID tags
  • Red Dingo – from simple & classic to options with graphics and QR codes
  • Rockin’ Doggie – stylish tags that look almost like jewelry

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Getting an ID tag for your cat such an easy thing to do to help ensure their safety. Visit our location in the Beach to pick up your cat ID tags today!

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