Quality Bowls and Placemats for Your Cat

Bowls and Placemats

Make mealtime a little more civilized & tidy with good looking bowls and placemats for your cat. Having a good feeding set up will keep your home looking clean and gives your friend the utmost enjoyment of their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t Risk Your Cats Health – Feed Safely

While you might not see it right away, some bowls or mats can chip or come apart, and that could mean your cat could accidentally ingest them. It’s not something you want to imagine, but it is something that you need to be aware of. Quality bowls not only look better – they help protect your cat too.

Choose from the Leading Pet Supply Brands

Whether you are bringing home a cat for the first time or just need to replace some old equipment, we have the variety and selection to ensure you find the exact product you need. We cover a wide range of options from quality brands, including:

Ore Pet ProductsModaPetPetrageousJW Pet ProductsDurapetDexas PopwareWet Noz

Update Your Cat’s Dinnerware

With our supply of pet bowls and mats at your fingertips, you’ll be able to quickly find the right product and get it back home. Visit our location in The Beach to choose new dinnerware for your cat today.

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