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Dogs outnumber cats in the city of Toronto about 2 to 1, but that doesn’t mean our scratchy, catnip crazy friends don’t need the same kind of treatment our dogs do. We’re cat owners too, and we provide all the great services and stock all the high quality products needed to make their lives a little more comfortable.

Brands Fit For a King Or Queen

High quality products help to extend the lifespan and increase the enjoyment of our four-legged family members. We stock standard-setting cat food brands like:

  • Petcurean GO! and NOW! – A Canadian brand that’s been around more than a decade delivering complete, nutrient-packed foods that put more energy into everyday cats
  • ACANA – A brand using locally sourced Alberta ingredients in line with the natural predisposition of cats towards meat and protein rich diets
  • Orijen – Incorporates fresh meats, organs and cartilage in ratios that mirror the natural diet, reducing the need for synthetic ingredients
  • Nature’s Variety – An industry leader in the use of real meat and high quality ingredients
  • Merrick – A healthy pet food producer with several different specialized recipes
  • Fromm – Established North American company, a fifth generation family owned gourmet natural pet food company
  • Wellness – Which keeps all cat food free of meat by-products
  • Halo – Many recipes your cat will find delicious and nutritious

Why Buy “Natural” Products

Your cat receives many benefits from an improved diet, including a soft glossy coat, a healthy urinary tract and energy to fuel middle of the night fits of running and climbing. We also carry several brands of cat treats designed to be as healthy as possible. We all have a tendency to be generous with our sharing of treats, and these brands will help ensure your cat isn’t going overboard with sweets.

Cat Market

A Tree You Don’t Have To Hide

Cats love to climb, and it’s a great way for indoor cats to get some much needed exercise. Most cat owners tuck a towering cat tree away in a dark corner in hopes that it will never be noticed by anybody but the cat. Our cat towers are carefully designed and expertly crafted to look as far from the normal hodgepodge of discarded old carpet and planks of wood. Give your cat a modern playground with one of our amazing and stylish cat towers.

Learn more about what we sell by browsing our catalogue of products, then come by our shop to see everything for yourself today.

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